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April 7, 2021

Top 5 Videos And Blogs of 2015

You, our wonderful community of educators, watched A LOT of Tch videos in 2015. You also read a lot of blog posts. And you shared those videos and blogs with your colleagues, your mentees, your PLCs, your Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.

You commented on what you watched, asking questions of the teachers featured. You posted questions and responses to one another on our Q&A board. You prodded each other — and us — to learn, grow, and get better at the challenging task of educating our young people.

So what were your favorite videos and blogs? Which ones helped you improve your teaching? Which were the most interesting, fascinating, thought-provoking, innovative?

Here are the top videos and blogs of 2015, measured by the number of times they were viewed by the Tch community, and in order of popularity.


1. New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management
A great set of classroom management tips and strategies.

2. My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes
Encouraging mistakes as a learning tool, and a class culture of participation.

3. Improving Participation with Talk Moves
See how talk moves encourage students to make connections with each other.

4. Socratic Seminars: Patience & Practice
Students take responsibility for their academic discussions.

5. New Teacher Survival Guide: Planning
A guide that’s especially helpful for new teachers on creating lessons.


1. A Letter To My Children: What It Means to Be A Teacher
Sarah Brown Wessling makes a heartfelt case for the profession.

2. Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners: Six Differentiation Strategies for New Teachers
Teaching Channel’s Coaching Think Tank shares its top differentiation strategies.

3. Formative Assessment Resources: Try Them Today, Tomorrow, or Sometime Soon
A roundup of quick tips and resources from Tch on formative assessment.

4. Your Back-To-School Backpack
A set of resources from the Tch archives that are useful all year long.

5. The 80/20 Rule: Maximizing Your Potential in Less Time
Focus your energies towards what really matters using the 80/20 rule.

Staff Picks

As an added bonus, the Tch staff has chosen five of its favorite videos from among those that were released in 2015. It was a tough call since there are so many great choices!

Praising the Process
Learn how process praise develops growth mindset in children.

The Tch Laureate Bunch
Meet Teaching Channel’s new team of laureates.

Wind Turbines: Rotor Blade Challenge
We could have chosen any from the great Science and Innovation series, they’re all terrific!

First Steps Towards Transitioning to NGSS
See how one teacher is beginning to implement NGSS in her classroom.

Mindfulness in the Classroom
Helping students see the value of being “present.”

Is your favorite Tch video or blog post missing from this list? If so, tell us what rose to the top of your 2015 list and why!


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