Learning Pathways/Certificates for Focused Learning


What is a Learning Pathway/Certificate?


Choose from a variety of learning pathways/certificates—and amplify your continuing education.

A focused group of courses can make a lasting impact on teaching and learning, and open doors related to teaching assignments, leadership roles, and salary advancement.

Earn graduate credit from American College of Education or Augustana University, (all courses within the learning pathway/certificate must be taken through the SAME university partner) and use up to 9 credits in multiple ways by advancing your career and your salary, meet license renewal requirements, or apply them towards an ACE Master’s or Doctoral Degree. 

Learning pathways/certificates/graduate credits are intended to fulfill requirements for license renewal/lane change when the student has obtained proper prior approval. The learning pathways/certificates are not intended for license endorsements or any change in licensure status beyond renewal.

Completed courses will be noted on an official academic transcript and you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Teaching Channel. If you would also like a personalized certificate issued by your selected University Partner, an additional $39 charge and a quick chat with our Support Team is required.

Learning Pathway/Certificate Options

Learning Pathways offer you the flexibility you are looking for. With 12 months to select the session you’d like to register for, you can complete your courses on your timeline. Plus, you can pay in full or take advantage of our 12-month payment plan by selecting Pay as You Learn at checkout and getting started with your first monthly payment. If you choose the payment plan, a $35 payment plan processing fee is charged at the time of purchase.

Teaching Channel offers two different certificate types for either 9-credits or 30-credits.
Explore them all below!

3-Course / 9-Credit Certificate Options

10-Course / 30-Credit Certificate Options

Frequently Asked Questions

How a learning pathway/certificate is weighed is specific to every school district, or state. Earning a learning pathway/certificate demonstrates you have successfully completed a series of courses in a specific area.

Credit for your learning pathway/certificate will come from American College of Education or Augustana University. Both academic partners are regionally accredited. You must take all courses within a learning pathway/certificate from the same university partner. 

Bundles already offer great savings from a stand-alone 3-credit course and the added flexibility of a Pay as You Learn payment plan.  Additional promotions and discounts are not available.

  • All courses must be taken through the same learning pathway/certificate granting academic partner.
  • Courses taken previously through a different academic partner do not apply.
  • Courses taken previously through Learners Edge/Teaching Channel do not apply