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Our Core Values are what we, as an organization, stand for. They serve as a compass that guides our growth, actions, behaviors, and decision-making processes. We consult these values frequently, evaluate our success in living out these core values regularly, and adapt them as we evolve. We aspire to be an organization that fully expresses these values in our work with our partners, in collaboration with each other, and in partnership with the communities we serve.

We help educators thrive and perform at their best so their students can, too. We create transformational and sustainable learning experiences for aspiring educators, classroom teachers, and education leaders that optimize outcomes for students in school and beyond.

Lifelong Educators

We advance equity in all we do. Equity is a driving force behind all of our decisions, including but never limited to hiring diverse professionals and engaging in honest and reflective dialogue on our lived experience and educational practice. We participate in and facilitate conversations around bias, prejudice, and race, and the work we do is grounded in equitable and culturally responsive practices. We are committed to the equitable treatment of all individuals and will forever be champions of equity.

We are lifelong learners. We are a team of educators who value reflection and refinement in all that we do. In order to be catalysts of change, we challenge the status quo and are committed to permanently impacting the educational landscape through our own continuous development. We are purpose-driven. We are focused on impact. And we seek transformation within ourselves and in the world around us.

We cultivate a positive culture. We create a positive culture for our colleagues and for students and educators in the communities we serve. We fuel this positivity by celebrating team and individual contributions, embracing the dynamic education environment, and prioritizing employee well-being and holistic care.

We succeed together. We sit side-by-side with our partners and each other to ensure success from the first step to the final achievement.

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Management Team

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Don Rescigno

Don Rescigno

Managing Director
Wendy Amato

Wendy Amato

Chief Academic Officer
Jim Hall

Jim Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Our Professional Learning Model

Our professional learning model serves as a framework to our self-paced online graduate-level, continuing education courses; ensuring the highest rigor and applicability to your learning environment.

Curriculum & Instruction

This seasoned team is comprised of over 100 experienced and practicing educators, each with a Master’s Degree (or higher) and deep expertise in their fields. Our team meticulously develops courses, drawing from seminal texts and resources to ensure the highest quality and most applicable learning for teachers. Course evaluators provide specific feedback on each course module participants complete, solidifying our commitment as your Education Ally.

Gold Stars for All

We love sharing reviews from teachers who have taken our courses for license renewal, continuing education, salary advancement, and more. Review testimonials from fellow educators who have achieved their goals and positively impacted students through their work in our courses.

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