Meeting State Requirements for District of Columbia Teachers

What’s Your Goal?

Renew My District of Columbia Teaching License

Teaching Channel has helped hundreds of teachers from the District of Columbia renew their credentials,
increase their salary and advance their career in the last 5 years.

Renew Your Credentials

There are three options available to renew a standard DC educator credential due to expire: 

Teaching Channel can help you meet requirements through Option 1: Professional Learning Unit Activities and Coursework. Complete 120 clock hours or eight semester credit hours, or a combination of both by taking our graduate level, continuing education courses, our Flex Credit courses, and/or our professional development courses.

Credit Conversion

1 Teaching Channel graduate level, continuing education credit = 1 semester credit = 15 clock hours = 15 professional learning units 

Each Teaching Channel 3-credit course requires approximately 45 hours for course completion.

A minimum of 60 clock hours or 4 semester credit hours must be directly related to the area of the credential being renewed. The remaining clock hours and/or credits must relate to any of the following topics:

  • Increases content knowledge and competence in the specific subject area of the credential
  • Increases effective instruction and methodologies
  • Increases school leadership strategies and skills
  • Increases knowledge of curriculum and standards
  • Improves school, community, and family engagement
  • Increases knowledge of educational best practices and trends
  • Increases knowledge of resources and services for schools
  • Increases strategies and skills for meeting the needs of diverse learners
  • Increases strategies and skills for effectively using educational technology

Need a recommendation? Try one of the following combinations: 

Courses/credits directly related to credential being renewed:

Example: Elementary Education

Courses/credits directly related to focus areas:

Example: Elementary Education

5844: Engaging Parents for Student Success 3 credits/45 clock hours/45 PLUs)

Example: High School Science

5129: Activate and Energize the Learning Brain 3 credits/45 clock hours/45 PLUs)

Advance Your Salary

Increase your annual and lifetime salary through salary advancement by completing graduate-level, continuing education courses or a graduate program with American College of Education (ACE).

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Teaching Channel partners with highly respected colleges and universities to provide versatile and effective continuing education graduate credit courses for educators. Teaching Channel University Partners are accredited by various agencies including:  CAEP/TEAC/NCATE, HLC, NECHE, NWCCU WSCUC.

Not sure which University Partner to choose? ACE is our preferred partner for many reasons including its accredited status and educator-focused graduate-level programs.

District requirements vary; please refer to your contract or seek district guidance or pre-approval as needed.

University Partners for District of Columbia Educators

Increase My Salary

In many districts, teachers gain a salary increase when they accrue graduate level credits. But have you considered the money you leave on the table when you delay accruing those credits?

Teachers who gain an extra $8K in salary 20 years before retirement bring home an extra $160K in earnings. And those teachers may also receive a higher pension by finishing their careers at an advance salary level. Compare that to the educator who achieves that goal 10 years later: $80K less income. See what credit accrual could mean for you by using our salary calculator. Be sure to check our course bundles that let you accrue credits at less cost and on a pay as you learn plan.

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