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March 3, 2021

Teacher Toolkit: English Language Learners

Resources and Tips: English Language Learners

When the internet is full of thousands of teaching resources, it can be tough to evaluate which ones will be the most effective and pedagogically sound. We’ve sorted through our huge collection of blogs, videos, Q&A’s and interviews to find you resources from experts to help support English Language Learners in your classroom. We hope you find these all useful!

Best Practices for ELLs

5 Key Strategies for Instruction blog by Rebecca Greene

Deeper Learning for English Language Learners (video)

Early Childhood Education by Lily Jones

Common Core and Supporting ELLs in the Primary Classroom by Jane Fung

Lesson Ideas and Strategies for ELLs

Engaging ELLs in Academic Conversations by Lily Jones

Exemplar Unit: ELA and Common Core for Middle School by Julia Chope

The Writing Recipe: Essay Structure for ELLs (video)

Using Sentence Frames to Jumpstart Writing (video)

Peer-to-Peer Tutoring (video)

Talk Moves & Revoicing: Developing Communication Skills (video)

Planning for ELLs

Collaborating to Plan Common Core Lessons for ELLs by Lily Jones

Supporting ELLs Through Project-Based Learning (video)

Teaching Channel Q&A

Q: I teach secondary level ESL. Can you share some of your ideas on how to teach writing?

Q: I am a new ESL teacher looking to build my personal resource library. Can you recommend some reading?

Q: How can I use technology to help ELL students at the middle and secondary levels?

Make sure to let us know on Twitter or Facebook which resource was your favorite! We also want to hear about additional resources that you’ve used while teaching English Language Learners. If we use your resource in a future blog, we’ll make sure to credit you for sending it to us!


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