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March 4, 2021

Celebrating Our Community with a Song!

Whenever I want to give special thanks to someone I find it so difficult to find that perfect card or gift. It’s so important to me that my sincere feelings come through—and the appreciation I feel is conveyed in a meaningful way.

WhatKindofPpl B 

Owen and Moley O Suilleabhain singing “What Kind of People”

That’s just how I felt when I started thinking about ways to thank all of you wonderful teachers during this upcoming National Teacher Appreciation Week. We want you to understand that we think that your work is incredibly important and worth high praise and regular celebration.

So, here’s what I came up with: while Teaching Channel is celebrating your hard work with a weeklong thank you giveaway (don’t miss it!), I’d like to offer all of you in the Tch community something you can watch and share with your colleagues time and again.

The idea came to me at a poetry retreat I attended a few months ago. I met two artists who had both been teachers, and came from a family of teachers—it’s in their bones. I found their work inspirational, as they sang ancient Celtic chants and then occasionally made us all laugh with their own songs.

As artists, Owen & Moley O Suilleabhain have been traveling the world sharing great music and writing their own. They asked what I did during one of the breaks during the weekend, and immediately went to our website and were so enthusiastic about what Teaching Channel is up to, that we hatched the idea that they would write an original song and we’d record it and create a music video for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teaching Channel is always looking for ways to make teachers feel great about the work they do. We’d like to make teachers laugh and sing right in the midst of the spring, the time of year that often becomes challenging.

We hope you all  enjoy Owen and Moley’s song “What Kind of People” that was filmed on a Sunday afternoon in the teacher workroom at Urban Academy High School in New York. And, for added fun, check out a second song they wrote and performed for us, “The To Do List.”

From all of us at Teaching Channel, THANK YOU for all you do!


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