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March 19, 2021

Seeing Results: The Impact of Tch Videos

As this year comes to a close, I want to share the results of our final Tchers’ Voice Survey of 2012—it yields such inspiration about what you are doing with Tch videos and the impact they are having in your classrooms.

We’ll focus on one key question from our survey, and let your voices be heard among our larger group. You say it so well, there’s not much I can add.

Our survey asked whether the ideas you are seeing on Teaching Channel have positively changed your teaching practices. The response: 94% of you say yes!

We asked for specific examples—and I want to share several with you in hopes they will be useful to you as well.

First, a teacher who is finding success with Listen & Learn with Learning Positions:

impact of Teaching Channel has been incredible

“The impact has been incredible. I demonstrated learning positions and gave the reason for doing it. The students were very receptive. This also improves classroom management. I use this everyday! I teach in a rural low-income school where the students aren’t expected to excel. However, I push them to the limit by utilizing these tools to help me motivate my students to reach their full potential of success.”

The next two teachers also called out specific videos that are working well.

“I used a lesson from grades 6-8 Math called “What’s Your Sign?”. My students learned the topic thoroughly and asked if we could use those videos again! They have enjoyed each and every lesson/video I have chosen.”

this helps students think deeply

Reading and thinking like a historian has made me think about using information as clues to understanding rather than just facts or notes. This has helped students think deeply about issues and they remember the “clues” much better.”

Here’s a clever idea—this teacher is sharing videos with her students in class:

“I am using the videos with students to show them what turn and talkactive listeningtransitions, etc., look like and sound like as well. Providing a visual for the students has made an impact because now they can actually see children their age DOING what their teachers are asking them to do and not have to guess at what it looks like.”

Several of you made a point of letting us know our Common Core State Standards videos are helping you with the transition.

“Common Core info has helped me embrace the CCSS and begin utilizing them daily in my classroom ahead of mandated implementation dates.”

And now, a few final comments that give me unbounded energy and enthusiasm as we head toward a New Year at Teaching Channel.

“I look forward to Sundays as that is the day I sit to watch videos. It is always energizing and I know has improved my effectiveness as a teacher. My enthusiasm then conveys to the students.”

Teaching Channel always gets my creative fire burning

“Teaching Channel always gets my creative fire burning. Even if I didn’t find the video useful, seeing what other teachers are doing gets my gears going and I often come up with new ideas. The students in my class feed off my energy and I see the enthusiasm every day!”

Our Tchers’ Voice surveys will resume in January, my thanks to all of you who shared your views with us throughout 2012. Enjoy your holiday break!


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