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April 6, 2021

Beat December Overwhelm with the #TchItReal Photo Challenge

Show us what teaching really looks like

You’re in the homestretch towards winter break. You’ve almost made it. But, let’s face it, this stretch isn’t often pretty. If you’re like many teachers, your classroom is a mess, your desk is full of papers to grade, and the bags under your eyes aren’t going to go away until well after Christmas.

Teaching can be both incredibly exhausting and incredibly rewarding. At Teaching Channel, we’re here to support you in both your triumphs and challenges. Though we want to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this year, we also want to keep it real. So this holiday season, we’re celebrating the craziness and exhaustion that can come with teaching in December.

While the messy stacks of “overwhelm” don’t look pretty, they’re a sign of your dedication. Even when teaching isn’t perfect and classrooms aren’t always Pinterest worthy, you keep going. And that’s a reason to celebrate! We’re all hobbling towards the winter break finish line, so let’s do it together.

As we head into winter break, show us a picture of you keeping it real: your messy desk, your tired face… something to make us all feel we’re not alone as we exhaustedly finish up the calendar year. To share the reality of your December, head over to Twitter or Instagram to post pictures. Tag them @teachingchannel and use the hashtag #TchItReal. We’ll also be having #TchItReal photo threads on Facebook, so you can join in there, too.

Tch Laureate Crystal Morey is kicking off our #TchItReal challenge with a picture from a cold morning. She went to school with no makeup, and hair still wet in a ponytail, and her ponytail froze while on morning crosswalk duty!

Crystal also took it one step further by sharing what her car looks like at this time of the year. Multiple bags, extra clothing, towels from swimming, books, and food scraps. As she says, “it’s in need of a serious detail… which probably won’t happen until winter break.”

Let’s show what the life of a teacher really looks like as the calendar year wraps up. In addition to showing us what your tired school days look like, we’d love to see you relaxing during break too! 


Whether they’re real frazzled or real calm, share your #TchItReal photos from December 12th through January 2nd. All photo entries will be entered into a raffle (read the rules here) to win a $10 Starbucks gift card, because who doesn’t need coffee when reentering the classroom after vacation?!


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