March 19, 2021

Resources For After The Autism Circuit

One of our goals for the Autism Circuit Professional Development program is to provide free, useful, user-friendly, research-based resources to all members of our Professional Learning Community, as well as to all people across Texas who have an interest in the education of people on the autism spectrum.

Many of you have stated your desire to access the resources we provide in the Autism Circuit after your cohort has ended. On that note, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news first: Our PLC is currently a subscribing member of Teaching Teams through the Teaching Channel. When our cohort is finished, June 1st, 2016, our subscription will end, and we will no longer have access to everything we have posted and shared in our Discussion Forums. However, we encourage you to download anything you want that is posted on the site. We have photo and video release forms for the people in the artifacts, so it is okay for you to keep a copy for your own personal toolbox. Please take some time to go back through the older Discussion Forums and save all those great ideas you do not want to forget.

Now the good news: All of the other resources we have will be available to you and to the public for free after your cohort ends. If you have yet to become familiar with all of these resources, please take the time to do so, and spread the word to your colleagues, your parents, and all you know who may benefit in any way from them.

Thank you to those of you who have already completed the short survey we emailed to you requesting feedback on our Pinterest and LiveBinder resources. For those of you who have not had a chance to, please help us by providing feedback and suggestions for those two resources by completing this brief, less than five minute, survey. These two resources will remain available to the public and will periodically be updated. Our Pinterest boards contain hundreds of articles, ideas, video clips, and resources about the EBPs. Our LiveBinder contains the NPDC Briefs, TARGET articles, links to the Autism Internet Modules, links to the new AFIRM Modules, handouts for each webinar, data collection sheets, and more, for all EBPs.

You will also have access to all 28 recorded webinars after your cohort ends. We have created a link to the webinars called “TSLAT Online Courses” on our newly designed website This website contains a plethora of resources including the Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching (TARGET) manual33 more free online trainings on autism, and an autism resources page.

The Autism Circuit Toolkit ( is growing weekly, and will continue to grow throughout the next several months. Visit this site often to find new tools and techniques that may be useful for you with your students.


Start downloading what you want to save from Teaching Teams for your own personal toolbox. Become familiar with all of the following free resources that will be available after your cohort ends:


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