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April 6, 2021

Teaching Channel Is One Million Strong Today

One Million Strong

What Does One Million Mean?

Metaphorically, one million represents an incomprehensibly large number, as in “Never in a million years” or “You’re one in a million.” We might say, “I’ve walked a million miles” to depict an extreme, or pronounce, “That’s the million-dollar question” to articulate a crucial need for a solution.

But today, one million means even more

Today, the 1,000,000th teacher registered to be a member of our amazing Teaching Channel community. This is no small feat — and this remarkable moment warrants celebration.

One million represents your willingness to innovate, to take risks, to be vulnerable, and to create a new culture of what it means to be an educator. It represents a new vision of professionalism that includes self-reflection, deep collaboration, shared responsibility, urgency, and appreciation and recognition of colleagueship.

One million represents a vibrant community of teachers, coaches, mentors, and educators working collaboratively to improve their instructional practices. It represents you — taking the lead to learn and opening the doors to your classrooms to help others learn a new technique or strategy that will ultimately help their students succeed.

One million represents a validation of our mission to open classroom doors — through high-quality video — so that teachers can share practice, inspire and learn from one another, and in the end, get better together.

One million represents the trust and respect teachers and educators across the nation and around the world have extended to us. We’ve earned something invaluable and we are so grateful.

We are one million because of you. We grow as a community when you share a link to a video. We grow when you forward our newsletter. We grow when you answer a question in the Q&A section. We grow when you comment on our Tchers’ Voice blog. We grow when you “like” or “share” us on Facebook, and “favorite” and “retweet” us on Twitter.

Even with more than 1,100 videos in our library, the fresh ideas and resources we offer through our Tch podcasts, our 15 expertly curated Deep Dives, our interactive, video-based professional learning platform Teams, and our Tchers’ Voice blog as a forum for the exploration of new, timely ideas, resources, and strategies — we know our work is just getting started.

This milestone gives us great encouragement that we’re on the right path. And all of us at Teaching Channel are even more passionate about our mission and committed to offering you the tools and resources to grow your practice. We send our thanks out to all of you in the Tch community as we continue on the journey of getting better together!


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