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February 21, 2018

Making the Shift to STEM Education

stem education

After completing Learners Edge Course 5080: Making the Shift to STEM Education, teacher Laurel Woodward created this amazing plan of action/implementation plan to address how she will make the shift to STEM education. Check out her STEM goals and her implementationplanto achievethese goals in her exceptional coursework below!

STEM Shift Goals:

  • To explore interest in a grade 4 STEM classroom in the school, beginning with an extracurricular experience (Summer Workshop for grade 4 students)
  • To pilot one grade 4 STEM classroom for a full school year
  • Upon successful completionof the pilot, expand the STEM classroom model to the entire grade 4 team
  • To begin as a STEM program taught in one subject area only (Science)
  • To involve and engage students, families, and teacher educators in the STEM model shift
  • To determine resources and technologies necessary to make the program successful
  • To determine, locate and apply for funding for the resources and technologies that will make the program successful
  • To use the Boston Museum of Science Engineering is Elementary (EiE) units as a jumping off point

Target Entry Point:

  • Stand-Alone STEM Lessons/Courses

Planning Team (Roles and Responsibilities):

STEM Leader will:

  • Identify STEM units of study for both extracurricular experiences (Summer Workshop) and integrationin to the school day
  • Ensure alignment of STEM units of study to appropriate grade level curriculum standards
  • Coordinate funding and resources for STEM units of study with the administrative team
  • Identify & apply for external grants for funding as needed
  • In phase one, take the lead role in planning and facilitation of the extracurricular experience by providing direct instruction while leadingstudents through investigations
  • In phases two & three, work with teacher facilitators to understand units of study, integrate them into current curriculum, and identify professional development opportunities as necessary

Teacher Facilitators will:

  • Deliver STEM units of study by providing direct instruction while leading students through investigations
  • Reflect upon, evaluate, and suggest improvements to STEM units of study
  • Provide authentic learning experiences and focus on technology integration into instructional models
  • Embody the STEM philosophy of pedagogy by fosteringcollaboration, communication and social skills between students in the learning environment
  • Agree to participate in on-going professional development opportunities in STEM content and pedagogy

Administrative Team will:

  • Coordinate space and resources for extracurricular STEM activities in Phase One
  • Budget and allocate funding for the STEM shift as necessary and/or possible under district-wide budget constraints
  • Support STEM leader and teacher facilitatorsin Phase Two and Three
  • Identify, evaluate and approve participation in professional development opportunities for teacher facilitators

If you are hoping to incorporate a more STEM focused curriculum, view Laurel’s complete implementation planwhich includes timelines, key stakeholders, key questions, marketing and/or communicationneeds, technology needs, PD for teachers, possible roadblocks, success indicators and the resources. This plan will give you a great framework that can be easily adopted for your classroom or school!

Are you looking for ways to create a more relevant and student-centered classroom? Shiftyour thinking and get ready to embrace K-12 STEM education by enrolling in Learners Edge Course 5080: Making the Shift to STEM Education and develop your own plan to get started on making the shift.




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