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April 6, 2021

What We’re Learning from You

Here are three things I know about the Tch community:

  1. Video helps you understand the Common Core State Standards
  2. A majority of you say you are prepared to implement the Core
  3. You like to share what you’re learning with others!
CCSS video stat

I learned these key tidbits of information from our past three Tchers’ Voice surveys. We’ve learned so much from you throughout the school year. And, as we come to the close of June, I want to share these findings with you because this information is helping us plan for your return to the classroom in the fall.

We focused specifically on your comfort level and knowledge of the Common Core State Standards in our May survey.

Common Core videos statOur survey results show just how helpful these videos are. 87% of you have watched some of our CCSS videos, and 95% of you say it is helping you gain better understanding of the Core.

Many of you said that seeing the standards “in action” made them much easier to understand. Let me share a few comments from the May Survey:

“It is so much more helpful to see the standards applied in real teaching situations. Seeing someone do it, helps me to envision how I can apply and adapt.”

“Watching teachers teach, seeing how students react and hearing why/how teachers choose these strategies, has given me countless aha! moments this school year!”

“Watching students working in these classrooms shows me that students can handle the high expectations of CCSS.”

It was very clear the students understood on a deeper level

We hope that our Teaching Channel videos are at least part of why 75% of you told us in April that you are “familiar or very familiar” with the Common Core State Standards, and 55% of you feel “prepared or very prepared” to implement the Core in your classrooms.

Please know that we are continuing to add new Common Core videos every week. So, we are delighted to learn that nearly 70% of you are sharing the videos you see on Tch with your colleagues. 74% of you are trying ideas from videos in your classrooms and say they are having a positive impact on student learning and understanding.

It is so much more helpful to see the standards applied in real teaching situations

Our March survey provided some data that shows us we need to improve awareness of what Tch offers. Just 38% read our Tchers’ Voice blog. We cover so many practical and tactical teaching topics—you really should check it out!

We’d also love to see more of you using the video discussion sections. Just 23% of you are now commenting on the videos you watch. We want this to be a useful and vibrant discussion platform for all of you—so take a look the next time you are watching a video. If there’s something more or different you’d like to see, please click the black “feedback” button the right side of every page—and let us know.

Let me close by saying we hope you enjoy a restful summer break and that we appreciate you are spending part of it on Teaching Channel. As you plan for the new school year—what can we do for you? 


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