September 25, 2017

Insight ADVANCE Launches New Data Management Tools for Its Video Coaching & Evaluation Platform

New data functionality in ADVANCEfeedback® empowers teachers, coaches, and administrators with real-time, growth-focused professional development tools

(ENCINO, CA) September 19, 2017 — Insight ADVANCE today announced the launch of powerful real-time data and data management features to complement its ADVANCEfeedback® solution, an online tool used in K-12 and higher education for educator self-reflection, peer-to-peer collaboration, coaching, and evaluation. The platform has won Tech and Learning’s Awards of Excellence for the past two years, among other respected industry accolades.

“We know teachers grow their practice with frequent formative opportunities for coaching,” said Michael Moody, CEO and co-founder of Insight ADVANCE. “When real-time observation and evaluation data are made available, growth conversations are deeper, more relevant, and can lead to job-embedded coaching opportunities. For district leaders, data on teacher performance is a goldmine—it helps them assess whether or not their professional development efforts are working. And for teachers, we’re providing the data they need to monitor and track their own professional growth. With this release, we continue to deliver on our promise of helping districts and schools focus on growth versus ‘gotcha.’”

New data management features in ADVANCEfeedback® put observation data, individual data displays, and summative data into the hands of education stakeholders, empowering them to take control of their own growth or the growth of their teams. The platform has been specifically designed by educators to meet the instructional coaching and evaluative data-management needs of schools and districts, and to marry the two workflows into one data-driven, growth-focused ecosystem.

ADVANCEfeedback® allows teachers to record and upload video to share with peers and request feedback through embedded notes at key moments in the video. Administrators can easily:

  • Create scheduled windows for video and in-person observations, and track observations in progress.
  • Ensure teachers and observers are paired appropriately, and review completed reports as they become available.
  • Review observation results at the teacher or observer level in real-time, and pull detailed reports to meet specific needs.
  • Build a custom resource library for Observers to assign in support of recommended best practices and areas of focus. 
  • Configure summative evaluation systems and manage internal and imported data, generating final reports at the teacher, school, or district level.

“When building ADVANCEfeedback®, the vision was always to empower teachers to take charge of their professional growth and school administrators to leverage the observation processes that already existed to drive instructional growth,” said Nancy Goodman, vice president of product at Insight ADVANCE. “We have seen this play out in the observation and coaching spaces through our work. With the release of these new data management features, we’re extending our customers’ ability to engage data and evaluation systems in this growth-focused ecosystem for all stakeholders. Every user of ADVANCEfeedback® will now have data at their fingertips to further their personal reflections, pushing personal and systemic growth to new levels.”

About Insight ADVANCE 
Insight ADVANCE is passionate about changing the status quo when it comes to supporting educator growth. Based on years of on-the-ground experience in states, districts, and schools across the country, Insight ADVANCE has developed a suite of products that connects self-reflection, coaching and peer collaboration, observation, and evaluation in one place to permanently impact how all educators involved in teacher growth are supported. The ADVANCE Suite of tools breaks new ground in proving how educator observations, whether on video or in person, can generate data that effectively and efficiently drives professional growth.

To learn more, please visit Insight ADVANCE’s About Us section.

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