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March 3, 2021

Tch DIY: Introducing the Choral Counting Number Routine

Math routines kristin gay

Seeing math routines through the lens of every grade level has been such an amazing experience. While I’ve remained fairly consistent in the types of routines filmed in the kindergartenthird, and fourth grade classrooms, I’ve introduced a new routine to this first grade collection called Choral Counting.

Choral Counting is an activity in which students count together by a given number as the teacher records the count on the board. The purpose of a choral count is not just to practice rote counting, but to engage students in reasoning, predicting, looking for patterns, and justifying things they notice in the count.

Choral count math routine first grade

VIDEO: Choral Count Math Routine: First Grade

If you’ve never heard of Choral Counts before, you should definitely check out the University of Washington’s site Teacher Education by Design, and watch this Teaching Channel video with Laretha Todd. I’ve also included some links to other resources in the “Reflection and Resources” PDF under the Supporting Materials in the right-hand column of each video’s page, next to the comments area.

I hope you enjoy the videos and as always, I look forward to learning with you. Please leave your feedback, questions, and ideas in the comments section so we can continue the conversation.


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