January 9, 2019

A Happy Message From Our CEO!

Learning = Happiness

Are you happy? We all strive for happiness in varying ways, some techniques prove more successful than others. In my experience, one sure-fire way to increase happiness is through learning. Put a smile on your face for five minutes, and let’s take a deeper dive into how learning can help improve your level of happiness.

Curiosity:As humans, we are curious about the world around us. How did these beautiful, huge mountains form? What lies beyond the night sky we see? Why do children love to play? Asking why and simply wondering initiates progress and personal growth which often leads to happiness. For many of us, there is an innate joy in the process of learning and acting on the wonder of what is next to be discovered.

A Sense of Accomplishment: As a teacher, when you learn a new skill or master a new field of knowledge, how do you feel? Happy! There is a sense of pride and excitement in learning, experimenting, succeeding, and sharing new found knowledge.

Different Paradigm: Continuous learning has the benefit of alternating our understanding and view of the world. As Sir William Bragg once said, “The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.” Aside from surface technologies, as a society, the world has changed diminutively in the last 10 years. However, the way we view the world has certainly changed. Access to knowledge through the internet (which we constantly carry in our hands) has enhanced our access to new knowledge, enabled growth, and rewired the way we think.

Improving Your Craft: Ultimately, many teachers love their profession because they are helping others. In many studies, the happiest people are those who are involved in professions that serve. Continually educating ourselves with new strategies designed to improve our teaching will make a positive impact on students. There is a sense of tremendous satisfaction knowing that we are contributing to a student’s success, and ultimately the growth of an entire generation.

Fun Factor: For my daughter’s first birthday, one of her presents from my wife and I was an empty box wrapped in paper. My daughter loved it! Even as adults, part of the fun in receiving gifts is the element of surprise. A commitment to learning delivers a lifelong gift of surprising insights and knowledge.

Higher Earning Potential: If money is important, there is often a correlation to additional professional learning and higher earnings. The obvious connection is salary advancement secured by taking graduate level continuing education courses or receiving a master’s degree. My observation is that professionals who are entrenched in continuous learning consistently find ways to advance their career along with achieving higher career satisfaction.

At Learners Edge we are dedicated to the lifelong support of teachers for their professional learning needs. We are here to help in your quest for greater happiness! Wishing you immense happiness and joy in whatever pathway you chose.

Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen


Learners Edge

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