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May Resource Round-Up: Mental Health & Mindfulness

May 7, 2022 / by Teaching Channel

More than ever, we need to talk about mental health. With teacher shortages, large class numbers, and increasing lists of demands, educators everywhere are feeling burnt out, anxious, and aren’t finding the support they deserve.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it presents the opportunity for us to talk openly about the challenges we face inside the classroom and out. Talking about mental health helps remove the stigma around it while acknowledging the struggles those with mental health issues face every day. Whether you’re looking to start conversations in the classroom, or ready to tackle your own challenges, we’ve gathered resources from our favorite educators and partners to help you out. Join us in fostering a community that believes in and supports mental health!



Mindfulness to Calm, Focus, and Learn

— Alexa Simon, Teaching Channel

3 Strategies to Honor Anxiety and Maintain Accountability for Student

— Betsy Butler, Learners Edge

We are Strong, We are Brave, We are Enough

— Amy Braswell, Insight ADVANCE 

4 Steps to Creating a More Sustainable Future in Teaching

— Marcee Harris, Learners Edge



Episode 39: The Myths of Mindfulness

—Teaching Channel Talks

Mind the Teacher (a 5-part series on mental health in schools)

— American University 

Brené with Emily and Amerlica Nagoski on Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle

— Unlocking Us with Brené Brown 

Episode 50: Connecting with Clarity and Confidence

—Teaching Channel Talks



Understanding Anxiety: a 3-part Series for Educators

— Learners Edge 

Mindfulness in the Classroom

—Teaching Channel 

A Quick Catch-Up on Teacher Mental Health

— Learners Edge



The Mindful Approach

Course 5056 | 3-Credit | PreK-12

This self-paced, online course provides teachers with the opportunity to look at the teaching profession with a “whole teacher” approach. Explore numerous ways to create a sense of balance, become more present and authentic, and develop a class vision, while having a healthy approach, and of course, being mindful.

This course features a live Zoom session to connect with teachers across the county! 


Living Your Happiest Life, Inside & Outside the Classroom

Course 5105 | 3-Credit | PreK-12 

Learn to master your mindset and bring your best self into the classroom! While this may seem easier said than done, this self-paced course will help you connect back to your love of teaching and supply you with tips and tricks for improving your mental state.


Goodbye Teacher Burnout, Welcome Teacher Wellness

Course 5124 | 3-Credit | PreK-12

Learn how to mitigate and manage burnout while learning effective self-care strategies. Designed to help you give burnout the boot, this course will help you understand how healthy living provides a path toward wellness and away from burnout!



Free eBook: Self-Care for Educators

— Learners Edge

Topics: Growth Mindset, Motivation, Resources, mindfulness

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