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Dig Into Number Talks!

August 18, 2017 / by Teaching Channel

Have You Tried Number Talks?

What strategies are you planning for building number sense and problem-solving skills this year?

Check out our Number Talks collection to see a daily, short, structured way for students to talk about math with their peers.

Tch DIY Certified

Watch Number Talks from kindergarten through fifth grade in Tch Laureate Kristin Gray's Tch DIY Math Routines series. Kristin's routines highlight strategies like Notice and Wonder, Which One Doesn't Belong, Number Strings, Today's Number, Choral Counting, Tell Me Everything, True or False Problem String, Dot Image, Quick Image, and more.

Mathematical Argumentation

Related Problems: Reasoning About Addition
Compare and contrast a related set of problems.

Which One Doesn't Belong? 
Make an evidence-supported claim.

Making Number Talks Matter

Meeting Students' Needs in Number Talks
Use number talk checkins to formatively assess students and provide tailored instruction.

Illustrative Mathematics

Preparation for Fraction Multiplication
Solve real world problems involving multiplication of fractions.

Common Core Math

Discover Number Patterns With Skip Counting
Look for patterns when counting by 200s.

Reasoning About Multiplication & Division
Build understanding of multiplication and division.

Quick Images: Visualizing Number Combinations
Use quick images to identify combinations of eight.

Strategies for English Language Learners

Language Supports for Number Talks
Support academic conversation with sentence frames.

Engaging in Productive Struggle: Number Talks
Explore subtraction strategies through student-led number talks.

Dot Talks: Building Fluency with Numbers
Share addition strategies through a dot talk.

Open-ended Questions to Encourage Conversation
Use open-ended questions to encourage academic thinking and conversation.

Collaborative Learning with Learning Labs

Creating a Culture of Collaborative Learning
Teachers and instructional coaches engage in a Learning Lab cycle.

Making Learning Public through Teacher Time-Outs
Teachers pause and discuss instruction with colleagues.

Tch Video Lounge

Connecting the Dots
Number Talks in action.

Getting Visual with Fractions
Using images to explore math concepts.

Number Talks: Integrated ELD
Language-rich instruction in math class.

Can You See the Shift in Student Thinking?
Observation Challenge: See students construct their own learning in math.

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