The Right Question Institute

The Right Question Institute

The Right Question Insititute is a nonprofit educational organization offering a simple, powerful strategy that builds people’s skills to ask better questions, participate in decisions that affect them, advocate for themselves, and partner with service-providers. RQI's teaching strategy allows anyone, no matter their educational, income, or literacy level, to learn. This blog was written by: Sarah Westbrook is a former high school English teacher who is now the Right Question Institute’s director of professional learning for the Education Program. Andrew Minigan is the Right Question Institute’s (RQI) director of strategy for the Education Program. As a part of Andrew’s work with RQI he is a co-principal investigator (Co-PI) on a National Science Foundation funded research grant to develop a strategy so researchers, including doctoral students and faculty in higher education, can learn how to formulate better, more transformative research questions. Chris Orchard is senior communications associate at The Right Question Institute. He helps develop and implement the organization’s communications goals and tell stories about the institute’s work and impact.


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