April 16, 2020

Writing Great Poems Anytime, Anywhere

April is National Poetry Month, soIwrote you alimerick!

Poetry Monthis here alas!

Wecanshare allthe poems we hold dear.

We all have a voice,

Brooks andPlathwould rejoice,

Our expressionrings out loud and clear!

Reactions to poetry are varied. Some peoplefind great joy in the creation and sharing of poems.Othersdon’t embrace it as fully.This monthis a perfect time for teachers to introducepoetryto one another and to their students.I encourage you, whoever you are and whatever role you play, to embrace poetry.Poetry’s where it’s at!Theycan take on a variety of styles andvoice; you don’t have tostick with just Emily Dickinson orWalt Whitman toget excited about poetry.

Also, as so manyteachers and kiddosareat homeright now during coronavirus,having time in your children’s schedule to do some creative poetry making will show them how fun poetry really is.

Below, please note the variety of poemstyles and topicsavailableto share with your studentsor your own children:

About dogs Written in a silly way 
By dogs Poems using just 6 words 
By catsPoems especially for children 
About cats Song lyrics directly tied to poetry 
Written by kidsPoems with animations (h/t Billy Collins)

If that’s not enough to whet the palate, there are some fantastic resourcesespecially for teachers and poetry fans all over the world.Our two favorites are:

Staying inwith your childrento keep yourself and others healthy?All the above resources are great for working with poetry at home. Plus:

Soon,your celebrationof poetrywill inspire, delight, andignite the inspiration thatpoetry can bring.

It’s always exciting
To see a month dedicated
To great poetry

How do youbring poetry to life forchildren? Tell us in the comments!

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