December 9, 2020

On-Demand Webinars for Teachers

One of the best greeting cards I ever received said…  

I still find each day is too short for  

all the thoughts I want to think,  

all the books I want to read,  

and all the friends I want to see. 

If given the chance, I would add “and all the things I want to learn!”  

One convenient and increasingly popular tool that cultivates learning is the webinar. But, with so many choices, webinars, like a garden full of flowers, they can be challenging to pick. To ease the process, we’ve done the weeding for you and narrowed the selection to topics that are of concern and interest to teachers:  

  • Teaching during Covid-19 
  • Social-Emotional Learning  
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching 
  • Teacher Self-Care 
  • Tech Tools 

Some of the webinars are available on demand; others are upcoming so have not yet been recorded. Whether you attend a live webinar or one that was previously recorded, there is learning to be done!  

Teaching During Covid-19 

Social-Emotional Learning  

Culturally Responsive Teaching 

Teacher Self-Care 

Technology Tools 

Can’t sit still? Consider moving as you learn! Look at Teaching and Learning with Podcasts Our 4 Favorites to see the podcasts we picked and can listen to while walking, cooking, biking…moving!

Bonus Webinars 

Bonus 1: 

Learners Edge On-Demand Webinars are free and feature a cacophony of topics: 

  • Early Childhood Mental Health 
  • Teen Mental Health 
  • Boost Student Voice When Using Technology 
  • Independent Reading 
  • Poverty & Education 
  • A Conversation about Special Education 
  • Culturally Relevant Teaching 
  • Partnering with Parents 
  • Mindfulness for Teachers 
  • Vocabulary Instruction  
  • AVID=Advancement Via Individual Determination 
  • Makerspaces 
  • Teacher Resilience 
  • Trauma Informed Teaching 
  • Getting Play Back in The Classroom  
  • Understanding What Teens Are Thinking, Doing and Why 
  • ADHD 
  • A for ARTS in STEAM Education 

(*Plus, check out this Learners Edge Teacher Resources page, a DOUBLE bonus!) 

Bonus 2: 

If you can dream it, you’ll find it on PINTEREST. Free PD webinars include topics like healthy emotions, redefining hybrid learning, and immigration. Beware of rabbit holes!  

Bonus 3: 

This webinar, based on The Distance Learning Playbook, features information about engagement, planning learning, assessing learning, and providing feedback from our partner, The Teaching Channel and friends at Corwin Press.  

Like the card’s greeting, try to find time each day to think, to read, and to visit with friends…and we’ve added, squeeze in time for learning by watching a webinar. Like a garden full of flowers, pick a bouquet of webinars that teach you want you want to learn and that work for you!   

Learners Edge Offers 100+ Self-Paced, Online,
Graduate Credit Continuing Education Courses for Teachers


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