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April 9, 2020

8 Ways to Share Joy in a Socially Distant Community

There’s enough information about COVID-19 to overwhelm even the strongest of us. What there’s NOT enough of is the sharing of inspirational ways others are staying connected in this time of social distancing. 

So, while Learners Edge is also trying to provide educational resources to help you as you are working online with students, we also want to lift your spirits. A deliberate search for smiles and laughter in the time of COVID-19 turned up a few gems.

Pass them on or create your own!

  1. Teddy Bears, Hearts, Hope, and Weekly Themes: Present stuffies, art, shapes, or hopeful words on a window or a drive way to share with all!
  2. #happyathomeVirtual Workouts: Work out in the comfort of your home with creative themes and connection to others.
  3. Ring a Bell for the Human Family: make some noise at a designated time each week to reaffirm your community connections.
  4. Teachers Building Community Online– Creative ways to keep your class together while you and your students remain apart.
  5. Math teacher who helped his student/neighbor with math. Above and beyond- we know that teachers are providing extra energy and time to continue to serve students.
  6. Community Efforts to Support Others: A Seattle organization offers ways to keep community members safe with humor, fun, and immediate action.
  7. Inspiration From Photographers: Youths finding their creative voice during isolation.
  8. And finally, since animals are a part of helping us through this time, live online cams to remotely check in with our favorite species.

We truly hope these examples and ideas make you smile,and that you remain safe and healthy through this challenging time.

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