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Student Empowerment Practices

In New York City, a team of folks are sharing promising practices across the city by providing...

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Creating a Culture of Questioning: Inquiry in Lower Elementary

Editor's Note: This is the third of seven blogs from our friends at the Right Question Institute...

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Editor's Note: This is the second of seven blogs from our friends at the Right Question Institute...

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Sparking Joy in the Classroom with Student-Formulated Questions

Editor's Note: This is the first of seven blogs from our friends at the Right Question Institue ...

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Who Can Teachers Trust? The Search for High Quality Curriculum

We've all experienced it — the power of Google to display before us a dizzying array of choices:...

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“Just in Time” Promising Practices For Educators By Educators

In New York City, a team of folks are gathering promising practices from all over town and...

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Fall Into Phenomena: Using NGSS to Harvest Student Investigations

The leaves are changing in much of the country and pumpkin spice seems to be taking over — little...

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High Quality Project-Based Learning with Jennifer Pieratt

Congratulations to Jennifer Pieratt!

Jenny was recognized with Smartbrief Education's monthly ...

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Un-Columbus Day

Columbus Day is around the corner, and while many schools and municipalities have changed the name...

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Preparing Students to Access Complex Texts

The power to read is one of the most precious gifts any teacher can bestow upon his or her...

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Creating Citizen Scientists: Connecting Students to the World

On the first day of school, science classrooms around the country welcomed back their scientists,...

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Peek at the Process: Learn By Watching Students Write

This blog post is a hypothesis. I haven’t tried this in my classroom. I don’t know for sure that it...

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International Dot Day: A Celebration of Courage and Creativity

"Just make a mark, and see where it takes you."

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Word of the Day

In a classroom where language takes center stage, a student dealing with communication issues or...

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Active Learning: A Strategy for Science Sensemaking

That moment on the first day of school when a student comes into my classroom and says they hate...

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Start Small But Mighty: Voice and Choice in PBL

For teachers who are new to project-based learning (PBL), voice and choice are often the most...

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Leveraging Free Online Curriculum Content: Time Suck or Time Saver?

There's no doubt that the internet holds tremendous value for teachers. Try to remember (or...

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Back to School: Prepare to Communicate with Families All Year Long

As I write this piece, it’s as if my computer, watch, phone, oven, microwave, and all date-keeping...

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The Perfect Storm: 3 Simple Steps to Project Ideation

As I work with teachers on project-based learning (PBL) in schools across the country, two common...

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Deciding When PBL Makes Sense for Your Year

Have you been toying with the idea of Project-Based Learning? Maybe admiring the PBL buzz in the...

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