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10 Creative Summer Crafts and Learning Activities

If you’re a teacher, your summer break might look substantially different than it has in years...

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Sparking Joy in the Classroom with Student-Formulated Questions

Editor's Note: This is the first of seven blogs from our friends at the Right Question Institue ...

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Start with Art!

Most often I use this column to adapt an existing lesson that has been shared on Tch for a...

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Monster Match: Using Art to Improve Writing

Editor's Note: We've asked Special Education teacher Brett Bigham to look at videos in Tch's...

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Un-Columbus Day

Columbus Day is around the corner, and while many schools and municipalities have changed the...

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Claims, Evidence, Reasoning: Integrating Art & Science

Antoinette Pippin teaches fifth grade at the Dr. Theodore T. Alexander Jr. Science Center School 

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8 Habits of Thinking Learned from Artists

Studio Thinking is a framework designed by practitioners at Project Zero (the research arm of...

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Three Ways to Engage Visual Learners

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Arts Integration, Special Education & ELLs: A Recipe for Success

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Why Arts Integration is Essential… and Easier Than You Think

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Harnessing the Power of Arts Integration

Learning through the arts is a dynamic way to engage students. But arts integration is more than...

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Greek Mythology in the Classroom and Museum (Arts Integration)

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Sweet Ideas for Halloween-Inspired Learning

Want to hear something frightening? Halloween is approaching. A day filled with candy, costumes,...

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Tips to Bring Novel Writing to Elementary Students

When I taught first grade, I would tell my students at the beginning of the year, "This year...

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What You Can Do When the Arts are Missing from Your Elementary School

When I first began teaching, the arts were part of elementary school students' daily curriculum....

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Beyond Engagement: Changing How Our Students Express Learning

As a K/1 teacher, I spent a lot of time in the hallway. You could have found me standing on a...

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