Fast Track Courses

Fast Track courses:

  • 3 graduate credits | 45 hours of work | $525
  • Learning resources are found entirely online – no need to wait for a textbook
  • Courses consist of reading and journaling activities, progress checks and a written submission
  • Expedited 2-day evaluation 
  • 2-4 day expedited transcript processing

Registration for Fast Track courses are only available during select dates and due dates differ from regular session dates:*

  • Spring Fast Track Session: January 2 – May 15 (Coursework due May 30)
  • Summer Fast Track Session: May 16 – August 15 (Coursework due August 30)
  • Fall Fast Track Session: August 16 – November 25 (Coursework due December 9)


We do not allow group members to register for Fast Track Courses.

Absolutely! You may register for multiple courses at once, but make sure you allocate at least 45 hours of time to complete each 3-credit course.

Fast Track courses include 2 modules with multiple-choice progress checks and 1 module requiring a written response. You will also receive feedback on your coursework within 48 hours after submission, compared to the typical 5-7 business days. Which means that you will receive your grade and transcript quicker. In a time crunch? Get on the Fast Track!

Currently, the following academic partners offer transcripts for Fast Track courses.