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February 14, 2022

Why We Love Special Education Teachers (Infographic)


Why We Love Special Education Teachers

Special education teachers are amazing, no doubt about that! In fact, evidence shows that special education teachers are some of the most driven, caring, and intelligent people on Planet Earth.

We aren’t kidding. Just look at the characteristics that effective special education professionals share:


When a person decides to become a special education teacher, they choose to make a difference. That mission statement speaks volumes. Day by day, these professionals keep their purpose first and foremost in their minds.


The IEP process is, to say the least, rigorous and time-consuming. Each child that special education professionals teach requires a unique instructional program that includes individualized attention. Following an IEP or 504 plan takes some serious dedication.


Special education students require heightened assistance, which means their teachers are expected to go above and beyond. For teachers, that’s not at all surprising. What’s more, when educators work specifically with children who have learning differences, the job takes serious emotional endurance.


No two learning differences are identical, and that means special education teachers must constantly learn and evolve to meet their students’ needs. Their job requires an endless cycle of professional development that gives them new skills, and these educators are more than willing to keep improving because they’re dedicated to their students.


There’s no such thing as an average school day, especially when it comes to the work special education teachers do. When nothing is predictable, adaptability is a must-have skill.


The rigors of teaching know no bounds. Without question, it’s a tough gig. But despite the job’s demanding nature, educators rededicate themselves every day. When it comes to special education, that resilience is beyond classification.

Why Special Education Teachers Are So Vital

We even have data that proves why the work of special education teachers matters so much. Here are some numbers:

7.3 million

That’s the number of students who require special education teachers. That number has risen 14% in the past 10 years alone.

(Source: Education Week)


In one calendar year, from 2019 to 2020, students diagnosed with autism increased from 5.8% percent to 11%.

(Source: Education Week)


Special education teachers help facilitate inclusiveness. This impressive statistic represents the percentage of disabled students who spend part of their day in general population classrooms.

(Source: Disability Scoop)


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