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March 15, 2021

Educating for Democracy: A Deep Dive

The Educating for Democracy Deep Dive is a collaboration between Teaching Channel and the Civic Engagement Research Group

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Our Democracy is Precarious

In a 2017 national survey, just 20 percent of Americans said they trusted the government to do what’s right for them always or most of the time, and only about one third of young adults said they’re optimistic about the nation’s future. When a government that aims to be of the people, by the people, and for the people, is only trusted by 20 percent of the people, something is significantly wrong.

What’s more? Disengagement from, and frustration with, the divisive nature of politics appears to be intensifying. In fact, a poll of teens in 2016 showed that most believe they’re living in a divided America, with four out of five teenagers saying that Americans are greatly divided on their most important values.

We believe that educators have a significant role to play in responding to these challenges.

Education for democracy can prepare our youth to learn about, engage with, and respond to complex civic and political issues in informed and effective ways.

The Educating for Democracy Deep Dive

For these reasons, we’re thrilled to announce the new Educating for Democracy Deep Dive, developed in partnership with the Civic Engagement Research Group at the University of California, Riverside. This Deep Dive is a curated collection of videos accompanied by educational resources, blogs, and articles related to preparing youth for civic and political life in the digital age.

You’ll find resources curated under the following essential questions that will help you explore various ways to integrate civic learning:

  • INVESTIGATION & RESEARCH: How do I help students research issues that matter to them?
  • CIVIC KNOWLEDGE: How do I help further students’ civic knowledge and understanding?
  • DISCUSSION: How do I help students have productive discussions about current and controversial issues?
  • VOICE: How can students voice their perspective on issues that matter to them?
  • ACTION: What are effective ways to take action in the digital age?
  • LEARN MORE: Where can I learn more and find resources?

What’s Next?

We hope you find the Educating for Democracy Deep Dive helpful. We’ll be adding new content on an ongoing basis, so please keep checking back. If you’d like to receive regular updates, follow @Ed4Democracy and sign up for the Educating for Democracy newsletter by clicking here


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