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Teaching for Civic Engagement: Individual and Systemic Responsibility

See Matt’s Video on Teaching Channel: Encouraging Students to Take Action

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Teaching For Civic Engagement: Academic Discussion

Editor's note: The links in this blog will download the materials Mr. Colley is referring to in...

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Teaching For Civic Engagement

Teaching for civic engagement is rewarding, challenging, and uncertain work. Civic engagement is...

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Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age

Are you concerned about the health of our democracy? Do you feel like schools aren't doing...

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Animating The Classroom

 TEDYouth conference at the Brooklyn Museum. November, 2015. Photo by Ryan Lash for TED via...

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A New School Year And Our Greatest Fear

It's not (just) the sleeping in, the family getaways, and the long, unhurried meals with friends...

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Letters To The Next President: Gearing Up To Teach About The Election

Steve Masson, a high school teacher connected to the Hudson Valley Writing Project, spent the...

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Hamilton: The Ten Dollar Founding Father is Priceless in Classrooms

Revolution, independence, the founding of our nation -- this was my favorite era to teach. I...

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Black History Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

As many of you know, February is Black History Month in the United States, which can be a time...

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Investigate U.S. History With Zoom In

As a U.S. History teacher at the middle-school level, I keep an eye out for resources, tools,...

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Greek Mythology in the Classroom and Museum (Arts Integration)

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12 Fresh Ideas for Social Studies


When it comes to lesson planning, it can be a challenge to make information feel fresh and...

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Video Playlist: Four Steps to Get You Reading Like a Historian

"Reading Like a Historian" is a strategy developed by Stanford University in which students...

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Honoring MLK Day: 11 Resources for Service Learning

Editor's Note: Updated January 12, 2018

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DBQ....Not Just Another Acronym

So much has been written about the Common Core lately and yet, I find myself constantly...

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