October 11, 2022

Star Student of the Day

This daily classroom routine engages interactive literacy skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing – and best of all, confidence and classroom connections. With this routine, the teacher writes articles based on each star student. The collection of class articles become teaching tools/text used for scaffolded literacy practices such as word recognition and writing, sentence patterns and writing, and illustrating to show meaning.

For the win-win, each student gets a chance to be in the spotlight and all students help each other learn everyday!

Star Student of the Day
Kindergarten teacher Kimberly Laurance explains how she begins building community in her classroom by having first graders share about themselves. Through a process called “Star Student of the Day”, Kimberly leads students through an interview process that reinforces reading and writing skills while helping students learn about one another. In this video, we see one student, Isaraya, choose a cape and take a seat at the front of the classroom to prepare for the class interview. Students ask Isaraya questions and Kimberly writes down Isaraya’s answers, creating a “star student article.” The class chorally reads the star student article. Kimberly draws pictures above the words that aren’t as repetitive so students can remember what the words are. Isaraya then picks one sentence from the article and Kimberly writes the sentence on the board. The students copy the sentence onto their own papers and add pictures, building both their skills and their confidence. Kimberly explains how this activity helps students to feel successful as writers.
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Reflection Question:Beyond building community, how does this activity strengthen literacy skills?

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