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March 12, 2021

Photo Contest: See the Winning Classrooms!

To kick off our back-to-school celebrations Teaching Channel organized a photo contest to shine a spotlight on your classroom setups. During the contest we received over 200 photos from classrooms all over the country. (Yay!) And thanks to supportive colleagues, family, and friends, those photos got over 4,000 votes! All we can say is, “wow!” Thank you to everyone who participated.

We saw some amazing classroom setups — there are so many themes, colors, and organizational ideas that we can all use for the coming school year. We hope everyone is as inspired as we are. Take a look at the winning photos below, and leave a comment to share your own ideas.

Congratulations to the Winning Photos

Flip Camera Winners

Christine Temple (94 Votes) – I love reading and I have PLENTY of books… fiction and nonfiction books at my fingertips! Our whole group lessons are taught here. It is a nice space, with a print rich view for my K learners!

Classroom Setup 11

Timberly Deville (98 Votes) – My students LOVE my classroom. The amount of work I put into it shows them how much I care about them AND the environment they learn in. My social media theme helps me have total buy-in with my kids!

Classroom Setup 10

Kelly Myers Acevedo (104 Votes) – The carpet area is where the students gather for whole group interactive lessons,the back table is for small groups and the back left side are the student cubbies to keep my fifth graders organized.

Classroom Setup 9

Deborah Smith (124 Votes) – Researching before painting, I discovered green walls leads to creativity and are advised for ELA. The bulletin board reminds students to use text evidence and suggests strong verbs.

Classroom Setup 8

Gloria Wickless (125 Votes) – This are various materials found throughout my classroom. The materials in the picture help promote growth in all areas of development!

Classroom Setup 7

Elizabeth Rishel (127 Votes) – My welcoming and calming environment shows students they deserve the best learning environment. As a result, I will get that back in return within their academics and growth of love for an education.

Classroom Setup 6

Kayla Lawson (128 Votes) – This is my first year to teach and this is my seusstastic kindergarten classroom. I have strived all summer long to create a fun, exciting learning environment for my students.

Classroom Setup 5

Keri Rodgers (143 Votes) – I love teaching reading skills using Fairytales! I have designed my classroom using a Fairytale theme! I wish I could upload pictures of all four of my walls! AArgh you ready for Kindergarten fun?!

Classroom Setup 4

Laura Bennaka (254 Votes) – My classroom is set up to use cooperative learning, while also being independent. The tables are in groups to support that. The reading areas, including a reading porch, promote a love of reading.

Classroom Setup 3

Monique Warren (366 Votes) – My theme is “Smurf Village”. In my math class, I am all about collaborative learning. My group leaders are my “Papa Smurfs” and they get to wear name badges indicating their role.

Classroom Setup 2

Grand Prize iPad Winner

Jan Warner (481 Votes) – I work with special education students and this is where we work on their prevocational skills.

Jan Warner's classroom

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