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March 26, 2021

Seven Resources to Combat Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, here are some educational resources for your classroom:

Online Resources

1. National Bullying Prevention Center has a page full of resources with facts, informational handouts, toolkits, and educational activities.

2. Facing History, Facing Ourselves is a website dedicated to combatting racism and prejudice. Find resources that will take you beyond anti-bullying month. You will find lesson plans, videos, podcasts, webinars and much more on topics such as antisemitism, civil rights, and genocide.

3. Go to The Learning Network for writing and discussion starters, articles, and links to other resources on the Web.

4. These two Pinterest boards are full of book suggestions for your students. One board with books for kids, and one board with books for tweens and teens.

Teaching Channel Videos

5. At this school, October becomes Be an Ally Month. Twelve 8th grade students, all from different social circles, take part in a leadership class. They run workshops for their peers where they share the message of being an ally rather than a bystander. Would a program like this work at your school?

Be An Ally

6. The Internet is an amazing thing — it’s where we find information, go shopping, connect with family and friends, watch movies… the list goes on of all of the amazing things we can do with the Internet. Unfortunately, it’s also a great place for bullying. In this video, created in partnership with Common Sense Media, students use case studies to explore cyberbullying.


7. Does your school have a comprehensive plan to prevent bullying? After principal Remy Everett learned that bullying was prevalent in her school, she took action to find a concrete solution. In this video, Creating Rules and Rubrics to Prevent Bullying, see how the staff at this school work together to execute their Bullying Prevention Plan.

Rules and Rubrics to Prevent Bullying


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