LIKE, a Film Program Addressing Online Safety and How Technology Impacts Our Mental Health, Connection & Learning

The Benefits of a Film-Based Program from Schools

LIKE is an iMPACTFUL film program exploring the addictiveness of social media and the role and impact of technology in our lives. The program provides easy-to-implement brain hacks to disrupt our patterns, inspire a healthy balance with our devices, and engage more thoughtfully and authentically online.  

This film program inspires people of all ages, especially kids, to want to self-regulate. LIKE dives into how our online habits are affected by algorithms and offers intriguing perspectives from teenagers, brain scientists, and tech creators. It puts JOMO (the Joy Of Missing Out) in the spotlight as a way to seize control of our lives away from devices & notifications. Rather than focusing on blame for overuse or manipulation, it encourages us to look inwards with simple tips that enable us all to find a balance between digital connection and being there for one another offline.

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Are you a teacher or parent worried about the effects of social media in your community? Are your students overwhelmed by the stress and anxiety of being connected online? iMPACTFUL’s character development programs are invaluable resources that will help bring positive change into the lives of those around you.

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