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February 21, 2018

Teachers and Technology: 5 EdTech Leaders You Should Follow

Are you desperately trying to stay on top of tech trends? Do you need help sifting through new research and creating innovative learning experiences for your students?If you’re like me you’ve probably thought about creating a PLN (personal learning network) or maybe you’ve even entered into the Twittersphere. Perhaps you’ve found a blogger or two to follow on Facebook. But who are theedtech thought leaders to follow and which Facebook pages drop great tech bites into your feed? Have no fear! We’ve curated a great list of 5edtech leaders to follow in 2018. Get your PD on demand in the comfort of your home by adding this super group:

1. GeorgeCouros:GeorgeCourosis the author ofInnovator’s Mindset, a book that tops the reading lists of educators working to transform education through new ways of teaching and learning.Courosuses the hashtag #innovatorsmindsetto spark conversations and inspire schools to let creativity flourish, moving from pockets of innovation to a culture of innovation.

“The biggest game changer in education will never be technology–it’s an educator who’s willing to innovate.”

Follow GeorgeCouroson Twitter@gcourosand on his

2. Jennie Magiera:Chief Program Officer with Ed Tech Team and former teacher, JennieMagiera, partners with a global crew ofedtech leaders to offer professional learning summits and workshops. Her new book,CourageousEdventures, incorporates her gift of storytelling that inspires educators to reinvigorate their classrooms with innovation and purpose. Take apeek at herTEDTalkto see her in action!

“All students have the right to be creative and pursue their curiosity,not just the kids in the right zip code.”

Follow JennieMagieraon Twitter@MsMagiera

3. EricCurts:EricCurts’ website,ControlAltAchieve, is my go-to spot foreasy-to-follow, tech integration tutorials. AGoogle-certifiedtrainer and innovator,Curtsknows the G-Suite like no one else. He offers free webinars, project ideas, templates and activities that you can implement in your classroom tomorrow!

“The G-suite of tools allows students to tie into 21st century skills- communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. G-suite is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.”

Follow EricCurtsonYouTube, Twitter@ericcurtsand on his

4. Alice Keeler:Witty andno-nonsense, Alice Keeler tells it like it is! Visit her site or follow her on Twitter for a myriad of quick tech tips and sage advice. One of my favorite tweets from Alice about classroom tech is,“Slapping it online does not make it better.”With her Google expertise and background in coding, Alice offers free Chrome add-ons and extensions to streamline your teacher workflow.

Follow Alice Keeler on Twitter@alicekeelerand on her

5. Vicki Davis:Vicki Davis is a veteran teacher, blogger,podcaster, and digital learning advocate, with over 20 years in theedtech space. Check out her newest project, 10 Minute Teacher podcast, for daily interviews with inspirational educators from around the world. Through her other platforms, Vicki shares tips, classroom resources and wisdom to help you tackle your toughest tech dilemmas.

“If you’re going to fear anything, teachers, fear complacency, fear the status quo, fear doing nothing.”

Follow Vicki Davis on Twitter@coolcatteacherand Facebook-Cool Cat Teacher

BONUS!Join ourTechy Teacher Society (TTS)Facebook group! We’re a community for all those on the techy teacher spectrum. Whether you’re just getting started or are looking for ways to amp up your tech game, we are your people. TTS is a place to spark ideas, share inspiration and exploreedtech topics.


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