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January 5, 2022

10 More Teacher Memes to Describe the Final Days of School

A couple of years ago, the Teaching Channel team put together 10 teacher memes that chronicle those feelings that arise when students are about to exit the classroom at the end of the spring semester. Ever since then, our educator community has returned to that list in droves once May rolls around.

Given everything that’s happened since the ancient days of 2019, we figure it’s time for an update. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy 10 more memes to describe the final days of school.

One Week Before the Start of Summer Vacation

The Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex lived 83 million years apart. That’s a cool science fact, but it’s a fraction of time compared to what this glacially slow week feels like.


Preparing for the Summer Netflix Binge 

What’s that show called? Weirder Items?

Bingeable Content

The Day You Prepare the Year-End Student Data Report

Ugh, perhaps there are some new achievement gaps, or you fell short of some of your goals. Maybe this report influences the amount of funding your school receives in the next year. Or, you know, a lot of the time, there’s improvement in student performance. No matter the outcome, we know how it feels to complete that beast of a report.

The Year End

The Moment You Set Your Email to Auto-Reply

Those messages serve as the gatekeeper between pesky correspondence and time away from constant communication. When the email door shuts, it’s time for television, porch sitting, and lo and behold, books you read for fun. And that joy happens in a mouse-click jiffy.

My Work Email

When a Parent Contacts You to Discuss Their Kid’s Final Grades

Remember when you sent progress reports? Remember when you offered to have a sit-down discussion? Remember when you gave their kid constant reminders to complete and turn in their work? Remember doing all that before the start of summer vacation?


The Beginning of January Versus the End of May

Time slows down in the spring semester. Those few months move like frozen molasses. The students feel that sluggish pace, and so do you. And by the way, why does every Tuesday feel like Thursday?

January May

Daydreaming About Travel

Imagine being outside the classroom AND your house. Now, that’s a concept.

Classroom Management

A Student and Their Family Sees You at Chili’s…Nursing a Bathtub-Sized Margarita

That salt-rimmed, lime-forward drink goes down easy when you don’t have to worry about teaching the next morning. But when Taylor and her parents see you gulping down that goblet of feel-good liquid, that can get a little awkward. After all, teachers don’t even drink caffeine. 😉


When a Parent Thanks You for All You’ve Done

Sometimes, parents are partners. That’s the way it should be.

Parent Teacher

When a Kid Tells You How Much They’ll Miss You

This gig is tough, but you got into it for a reason. Those kids? Yeah, they’re alright sometimes.

Kids Alright

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