April 24, 2018

SPED resources for teachers

9-12-brn-LgHeather Couture, a special education teacher working with 9th-12th grade students in Exeter, New Hampshire, included a list of recommended SPED resources in her coursework for Course 5847: Learning to Learn: Student Skills for School and Life. Course 5847 is one of our newer courses at Learners Edge, covering executive functioning skills.

Study Skills and Strategies
This website is an excellent collection of skills and strategies to assist and promote student success. I have chosen it because it is very comprehensive and is easy for students to use and gain information.

LearningWorks for Kids
This website contains online assessments that can help identify areas of weakness and then provide individualized plans that determine what digital games and apps are available to help improve skills. I chose this site because there are so many games and apps available that it is hard to know which ones are really effective and worth your time and money, and this website shows which apps/games are the most useful.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities
This website is a great source of information for all things regarding learning disabilities. I chose this website because it is frequently updated with the most recent research and discoveries.

6-8---grn-SmLD Online
This website has great information on how executive functioning affects the learning process. I have chosen this site because it is informative and easy to understand.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities
This website is another informative website on all things relating to learning disabilities. I chose this website because it is a great resource for parents on how to navigate the special education system as well as how to advocate for their children.

With so many resources available for teachers, it’s always helpful to hear the tried and true opinion of a teacher who is effectively using the content provided within these resources. Thanks for sharing your insights, Heather!

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