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October 19, 2018

NEW Course Alert: 5057: Move, Grow, Play!

Using Play to Teach and Learn

When traveling, I find it captivating to learn how different cultures educate their children. While in Germany, I observed school kids carrying canvas bags with the phrase “spielendlernen” printed above a colorful picture. Because I don’t read German, I asked my friend to translate:

“Play to learn.”

Play to learnis the message author Lisa Murphy, in her book,Play: The Foundation of Children’s Learning,encourages us to embrace, recognize and understand, and it is the book you will receive when you register for our energizingnew course 5057:Move, Grow, Play! Using Play to Teach and Learn.

According to Boston College professor Peter Gray, unstructured, child-centered, play is what our children and students require so they learn how to:

  • Develop Self-Control
  • Make Decisions
  • Get Along With Others
  • Lead
  • Follow
  • Make Friends
  • Make Mistakes
  • Solve Problems
  • Follow Rules
  • Manage Emotions

And, if that’s not enough, play decreases anxiety and depression, and increases our happiness. (Sounds like we adults need to play more, too!)

What to do?


Check out our new course on play! The course will provide you with research based strategies that support play as the foundation for children’s learning,how to incorporate the Magnificent Seven: create, move, sing, discuss, observe, read, and play into lesson plans,will give you the chance to curate evidence championing play as an instructional strategy, and will inspire you to create your own play philosophy!


Like me, even if you don’t read German, you can remember “spielendlearnen”…play tolearn!OR, if you prefer English, you can check out Learners Edge 3-Credit, Graduate Level courses here!



Entin, E. (2011). The Atlantic.All Work and No Play: Why your kids are anxious and depressed.Retrieved 5/25/18.Https://

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