January 9, 2019

Educators Make New Year’s Resolutions

 At Insight ADVANCE we believe self-reflection is key to personal and professional growth. While we advocate for self-reflection and goal-setting throughout the year, we think it’s important to dive even deeper around the start of the new year. If we stop learning and growing, so do our students.     

In welcoming 2019, we asked several educators in our community what their New Year’s resolutions are for the year ahead. This is what they said:

Jim_Thompson-2Jim Thompson, Consultant on Video Instructional Coaching

On small consistent changes through video:

“I believe the core responsibility of a coach is making everyone all a little better every day, all while making that struggle feel safe and supportive to teachers. I’m taking this ideal up from Doug Lemov’s field notes. How do we see that ‘little better’ every day? I believe video is the greatest motivator out there.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!”

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Amy Storer, Instructional Coach and Integration Mentor

On the importance of balance:

“I pour my entire soul into what I do. I love what I do, and I value my job and campus family so much, but my life sometimes takes a backseat as a passenger on this journey that means so much to me. It really is all about balance, and it has taken me over 10 years to finally acknowledge the importance of that balance. I want to work more on that balance, and to find time for my family and my health. I need to be at my best, to be my best for my teachers and district. It’s all about balance.”

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_570yae0_400x400John Frias, School Administrator and Instructional Coach 

On capturing the small moments:

“As I reflect upon my years in education, I’ve come to realize that there are new moments to be made and new experiences every day.  In this new year, I could read more books, go to more professional development events, and learn as much as possible. However, this year I wish to capture the small moments. We can get caught up on deadlines, new initiatives, paperwork, discipline, etc. Time is a luxury these days, so I don’t want to miss opportunities to build meaningful relationships and invest time in the lives of my students and staff.”

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Kate Lindquist, Educator, Artist and Consultant

On seeking challenges:

“As an educator and lifelong learner, my intention for 2019 is to courageously delve into new arenas that scare me, primarily continuing to be vulnerable by putting myself out there to the world and using my voice. I intend to do more writing, speak at a couple conferences, and finally bring to life a project I have been designing for a couple years now. In doing so it gives me a chance to grow as a person and push past my own comfort zone as well as grow as an educator.”

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Fiona Hurtado, Teaching and Learning Coach

On creating a game plan:

“My 2019 New Years’ coaching resolution is to meet coachees where they are when we plan together. My mind can run wild at the possibilities when I hear teachers describe their students and goals for learning, leading me to pitch ideas that reflect where I am. This might be due to a recent cycle I’ve been in with another teacher, or some great professional learning that inspired me.  Key word: me.  By ensuring I have really understood the teachers’ journey up until this point and meeting them there, I can be sure that I am putting their professional goals first as we move into how we can achieve them.”

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Sandy Barnes, Assistant Principal

On the power of reflection:

“My one word resolution for 2019 is ‘reflection.’ I chose reflection because it covers everything I do in life. Reflecting before I make decisions helps me trust my choices and answers to questions. I want 2019 to be the year I learn to not second guess myself and can confidently say I made the best decision for my school and life in general.”

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 Do you have a New Year’s resolution you’re excited about? Share with us in the comments section! 


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