Everyday Resilience

Foundations of Mindful Well-Being

A 10-hour course from Growing Minds and Teaching Channel.

Your well-being matters! As educators, the ability to show up in the way we want to, both at school and at home, is dependent on our own mental and emotional wellness. The Foundations of Mindful Well-Being series is designed to increase personal well-being, social connectedness and positivity, while decreasing reactivity and negativity.

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Dive deep into the science and practices of mindfulness to learn practical tools for reducing stress, managing your emotional load, and feeling more resilient.

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Hearing new concepts and practices is a great start, but feeling more resilient in our everyday life involves putting ideas into action. Try out some of the mindfulness-based skills and reflect on the difference you feel!

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Weave the tools you like best into your everyday life – in the classroom and at home. Watch the ripple effect of your growth impact your students, colleagues, family, and friends!

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The Everyday Resilience bundle introduces foundational habits of mindfulness that you can immediately begin to incorporate into your day. Each session includes the science and research behind why these practices can lead you toward greater well-being. Those who have taken this course have self-reported being happier at work, are better able to cope with stress, and have improved relationships.

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1 Get to Know This Course
2 Pausing to Reset
3 Training the Active Mind
4 Your Stress Response
5 Compassion for Yourself
6 Cultivating Positivity
7 Course Closing and Resources

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Everyday Resilience

Webinar Series

Webinar Recordings

Self-Care for Summer

June 17, 2021 @ 4 pm EST

Has your self-care got lost in the shuffle? You are not alone! Many educators find themselves worn down, exhausted, or even burned out. Join Growing Minds in a conversation about self-care as we re-examine what it can look like to nourish yourself.

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Mindfulness is Evidence-Based, Let's Talk Science

June 24, 2021 @ 4 pm EST

Over the past 30 years, wellbeing has been studied by experts around the world, and the evidence is tangible. Let us take you through it and highlight the impact mindfulness-based strategies can have in your school. This is the SEL initiative is a holistic approach which reaches educators, staff, and students!

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“Be The Change” – How Your Wellbeing Impacts Your Students

July 8, 2021 @ 4 pm EST

Did you know that students attune themselves to your energy within about 15 minutes? This doesn’t mean you are wholly responsible for the emotions and behaviors of your students, but it does highlight the influence we have, as educators, over the emotional climate of the room. To be fair, navigating our own energy as well as that of a classroom full of students is no easy task. In this webinar, we will discuss concrete tools you can cultivate to help ensure you are the thermostat, not the thermometer for the climate of your classroom.

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Meet Our Speakers

Susan Lubar

Susan Lubar

Founder and President

Susan Lubar, President and Founder of Growing Minds is a pioneer in bringing wellness strategies to Milwaukee area schools. Her mission is to facilitate the integration of mindfulness-based strategies that increase educator wellbeing and result in more connected relationships with students and kinder classroom cultures.

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Becky Fischer

​Director of Development and Integration

Becky has been working with children and families in the Milwaukee area for over 15 years. Becky has a heartfelt passion for weaving mindfulness and brain-based concepts into everyday life because she has seen, firsthand, the beautiful power these skills have to strengthen relationships and enhance well-being.

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Jenifer Hilander

Mindfulness Awareness Instructor

Jen holds a Master of Science in Counseling as well as post-graduate coursework in Educational Policy Studies with an emphasis on equity and social justice.