Health Education for Students' Lifelong Wellness

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The quote, “If you have your health, you have everything,” has never felt more true. Now more than ever, we understand how children’s health impacts their capacity to learn in school, and also their prospects for a happy and successful life.

We’ve created this course for all educators who teach health–whether you’re an early childhood educator, a classroom generalist, a dedicated Health and/or Physical Education teacher, or a school nurse. Because you have different needs depending on students’ ages and your professional role, we’ve created pathways with options to suit every educator!

You will learn strategies to support students’ physical, mental, and social-emotional health as you empower them to care for their own. Through the exploration of health and wellness resources, you’ll discover ways to collaborate, advocate, and build students’ motivation to pursue healthy habits.

You’ll also learn instructional strategies to facilitate safe discussions of sensitive topics in your classroom. And, we’ve provided tips throughout the course to help you prioritize your health, too!

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What you will learn:

Goals and Objectives of this Course:

  • Use provided prompts specific to health education, to describe assumptions and insights of practitioners, researchers and self, including how the information relates to professional educational practice.
  • Design health and wellness action plans for early childhood, elementary, or middle/high school students.
  • Prepare an activity to collaborate with families to support student health.
  • Implement strategies to support students’ physical, mental and social-emotional health and wellness.
  • Develop a vision board or road map to challenge the status quo by motivating students in lifelong wellness and advocating for health needs in your school community.
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Graduate-Level Continuing Education Course for Teachers

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