Which of these books would someone most likely find in your classroom?

OK, which of these books would you read just for fun?

Describe your favorite article of teacher clothing:

Don’t think. Pick one:

Choose the fictional teacher you enjoy most:

What’s Your Teacher Fashion Aesthetic? [QUIZ]
Your Teacher Aesthetic: Professorial Panache

Professorial Panache

Be honest: When you played Clue, did you always pick Professor Plum? Are you keeping tweed alive? Do you wish they made blazers in lighter weight fabric for the summer months? Yeah, if that’s you, you’ve got the professorial panache. We don’t think of this style as traditional; we prefer the term classic. Your teaching style? Now, that’s where the real fun begins. With or without elbow patches, you’ve got serious classroom cred.
Your Teacher Aesthetic: Frizzle Finesse

Frizzle Finesse

Ms. Frizzle. Ever heard of her? Yes, she’s the colorful teacher with celestial style. We use that phrase quite meaningfully: Planets and stars and perhaps the occasional nebula adorn her clothing. While you may or may not apply outer space as a wardrobe staple, you are no doubt colorful, creative, and caring. Not only in the way you dress, but your vibrancy shines in your teaching as well.
Your Teacher Aesthetic: Athletic Appeal

Athletic Appeal

We’re not necessarily talking about the whistle-necklaced, knee-socked gym teacher here—though that countenance jives with this teacher aesthetic. Perhaps you’re a yogi/yogini/flexible person. Or perhaps you’re more of the runner type. Then again, you could be a teacher who runs around the backyard with your dog for exercise. Who knows? When it comes to the classroom, your academic angle centers on hands-on, experiential learning. Your kiddos are lucky they got assigned to your classroom.
Your Teacher Aesthetic: Sensible but Sensational

Sensible but Sensational

Look, you’re here to teach, not look like Dorian Leigh every day. Plus, with all that whiteboard marker ink on your fingers, why risk sullying expensive apparel? Really, it doesn’t matter if you don sweatpants or jeans and a T-shirt. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed for a masquerade ball on a nesting doll yacht somewhere. Your sensibleness doesn’t negate your teaching. Now that’s nothing less than sensational.
Your Teacher Aesthetic: Garcia Couture

Garcia Couture

Tie-dye? Check. Birkenstocks? Check. Come wintertime, you might sport some Chuck Taylors accompanied by a familiar, comfortably threadbare hoodie. Rumor has it that you followed the Grateful Dead tour for years. Before you landed your teaching gig, that is. Truth be told, in the classroom, your relaxed appearance bears no weight on your teaching strategies. Maybe you like to have a little fun now and then, but rest assured, those kids are doing some serious learning.

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