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"We empower our teachers with the freedom to record their lessons, self-reflect, and share their favorite clips. This has especially helped our new teachers take ownership over their growth." - Quiana Fields

Featuring Quiana Fields, Lead Teacher

See how Teaching Channel’s EMPOWER Platform and its vast array of exemplar videos have transformed how they support their new teachers.


Obstacle: Reducing Teacher Turnover and Improving New Teacher Support & Retention

Teachers who feel supported in the classroom tend to stay in the profession longer and have more success. (National Council on Teacher Quality)

With the ongoing teacher shortage, and new teachers leaving education in droves, the leadership at this Virginia School District recognized the importance and opportunity to develop a system to fully support and mentor their new teachers. Quiana and her team set out to create inspired and engaged educators who choose to make teaching their life-long profession, reduce teacher turnover, and ultimately improve student achievement.

Solution: Utilize collaborative video coaching and exemplar videos via Teaching Channel’s EMPOWER Platform

Encouraging teachers to self-reflect, set goals, and improve practice.

With the EMPOWER Platform, teachers are easily able to record their practice and share their favorite clips with their administrators. Quiana emphasizes how this collaborative process has been far less intimidating for new teachers compared to having observers traditionally pop into classrooms. The Platform allows school and district leaders to provide frequent and individualized feedback to new teachers in specific areas, opening up productive discussions and strategy development.

Additionally, by providing access to the robust Teaching Channel Video Library, available within the Platform, their new teachers can discover best practices from classrooms across the country and bring inspiring clips to their teaching toolbox and coaching sessions. 

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Teachers and Administrators Meeting and Smiling as an Example of Good School Culture

Impact: Video Coaching Has Helped Build a Culture of Support

Teaching Channel’s EMPOWER Platform provides administrators with intuitive and accessible tools to support new teachers, setting them up for success, all while improving the district’s culture and encouraging continuous growth.

The EMPOWER Platform provides administrators and teachers the flexibility and freedom each unique district needs to make the buy-in simple and the solution sustainable. Teachers have a choice with the videos they share and have the freedom to pinpoint which direction they would like to take their practice in.

With the Teaching Channel Library available on-demand, educators can browse 1,700+ classroom videos to learn from award-winning educators from across the country. On top of proving to be a sustainable solution for new teacher support, Quiana and her team have found incorporating video coaching into their plans has dramatically, and unexpectedly improved their district’s culture, so much so that they have attracted educators from neighboring districts.  

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Through the platform use recorded video to immediately reflect on instructional practices.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Through the platform, use recorded video to quickly share and collaborate on instructional practices with colleagues in professional learning communities (PLCs).


Through the platform, record video to provide actionable content-specific feedback on video-based lessons to inspire and support professional growth.

Observer Calibration

Through the platform, improve inter-rater reliability among your observers for accurate and valid teacher observations.

Teacher Observation & Evaluation

Through the platform, create and provide detailed and meaningful feedback reports for formal and informal observations.

Educator Training

Create training experiences for dynamic and on-demand learning for teachers, observers, coaches and school leaders.