Introducing Big Savings for Texas Teachers

Choose from two options to get where you need to be.

Option 1: All-Access PD

Texans are all about the win/wins. Want to save money while meeting your Texas recertification requirements?

The All-Access PD Package is a great choice for you. Boost your teaching practice with new knowledge and skills, while meeting your state’s requirement for 150 CPE hours for certificate renewal.

Here’s what you get:

  • 37.5 CPE hours through our Texas Teaching Recertification course
  • Unlimited access to 25+ professional development courses, ranging from two to 10 hours on a wide variety of topics
  • In combination, you can meet the Texas requirement for 150 CPE hours for certificate renewal
  • You can print your Letter of Completion documenting your earned hours
Value priced at $799
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Option 2: Texas Two-Step

Don’t have a master’s but wish you did? And, due for recertification in Texas?

The Texas Two-Step Package gets you about 25% of the way toward earning your master’s, while ALSO enabling you to meet your state recertification requirements. Learners Edge has partnered with American College of Education (ACE), ranked second in the nation for most master of education degrees conferred.* Through the ACE 3-Course Bundle offer, you get unheard of savings, plus additional free courses.

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Here's what you get:

1. ACE 3-Course Bundle

  • A savings of $189 off regular prices
  • Select three 3-credit courses from the 115+ course catalog
  • One year to select and register and 18 months to complete the courses
  • Pay $99 monthly for 12 months or pay in full upfront – you choose
  • When finished, you will be ~25% of the way toward your American College of Education master’s degree

2. Bonus Courses

Value priced at $1,188

About American College of Education

American College of Education (ACE) offers 26 master’s degrees and six doctoral degrees for educators. The college stands apart from other higher education institutions for its low-cost, high-value programs, putting an advanced degree within reach of teachers across the country.

About Learners Edge

At Learners Edge, driving down costs and driving up accessibility is at the core of what we do. We are one of the nation’s largest providers of online, graduate-level continuing education for teachers.

Learners Edge is an approved CPE provider in Texas and registered on the Texas Education Association website. We offer more than 120 asynchronous graduate-level continuing education courses designed by educators for educators across the country. Our self-paced courses are conveniently offered through a robust online course platform. Complete your courses when and where you want. You are in charge.

*Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Integrated IPEDS Data All Education Master’s Degrees (CIP 13.00)