Teaching Channel Plus: A Building and District Solution

Teaching Channel Plus is a collaborative video observation platform designed for educators at every stage of their career.  Support your teachers by providing a space for active self-reflection, a user-friendly video observation platform and best-in-class video content. Revitalize your professional learning and give your teachers the development they deserve.




Develop Custom Learning Plans for Your Team

Create your own modules  or use one of the many provided sets of learning cycles to give your team the most relevant professional development. Need help? Our experienced team is ready to guide and support you as you design a building or district-specific plan.

  • Utilize nearly 60 existing learning cycles that can be cloned and personalized
  • Build group or individual learning cycles around video or other materials
  • Upload rubrics and other success indicators

Easily Upload Videos with the Teaching Channel Recorder App 

Teachers can use a smartphone or tablet to record their classrooms and upload the videos to their private school or district group to solicit peer feedback.

  • Review, annotate, tag teaching practices, and provide feedback, all in one tool
  • Allows virtual coaching from remote mentors
  • Reflect on classroom practices and give colleagues the feedback they need to succeed




Powerful Analytic Tools

Track your teachers' success with built-in metrics designed to measure engagement and success. Access your analytics at any time via a private school or district dashboard

  • Identify educator strengths and areas for growth
  • Personalize learning opportunities and recommendations tied to data to provide educators with a suggested list of activities
  • Measure participation levels for remote professional learning

Access to 1,400+ Broadcast Quality Videos

Show teachers best-in-class educators implementing successful teaching strategies from across the country

  • Sort by topics like Technology in the Classroom, New Teachers, Class Culture, and more
  • Utilize accompanying lesson plans, handouts and assessments
  • Utilize the platform's analytic tools to track participation and progress



"Teaching Channel Plus has allowed our teachers to become more reflective. One of the things I love about Tch Plus is that there's an opportunity to ask questions and get answers or ask questions and let them marinate and find resources to dig deeper. Teachers crave these opportunities."

Erin Gilrein Oceanside SD, NY

Teaching Channel Plus started to get my students to think about their impact teaching had on student learning. It helped them shift their focus from being a teacher in the classroom to about the influence they are having on their students.

Dr. Michael Cavanaugh Macquarie Univeristy, Sydney

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