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We've worked with content experts to create a series of online professional learning courses that all take under two hours to complete. When you've finished each course, we'll send you a personalized certificate of completion that you can use towards your PD hours. All of our courses are FREE for Teaching Channel subscribers. 

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Current Courses



Attention Techniques

Explore multiple strategies for getting students' attention so that you can move them forward without wasting time.



Classroom Culture

Examine various elements of classroom culture so that you can better establish routines and maintain a positive classroom environment.



Culturally Responsive Teaching

Build your capacity to be culturally-responsive with both adults and children. Observe, reflect, and take risks to enhance your educational impact.




Dive deeper into the concept of differentiated instruction and how it provides access for all students.




Digging into Data

Explore the role of data in being better responsive to student needs.

Elementary Reading Fluency Strategies

Focus on supportive reading fluency strategies for the elementary grades.




Elementary Reading Comprehension Strategies

Focus on supportive reading comprehension strategies for the elementary grades.

Exits & Transitions

Learn and analyze effective exits so that you can use lesson closure as formative assessment.



Family Partnerships

Examine why partnering with families and building strong relationships enables you to garner more support for your classroom work.



Gesture Like You Mean It

Inspect the ways in which body language can impact classroom culture and learning.



Grapple with Groups and Centers

Learn about multiple strategies for implementing collaborative group experiences so that you can confidently manage the process.



Moving Your Instruction Online

Learn how to transition your existing lessons online and how to modify instruction to adapt to remote teaching. 


New Teacher Practices

Get guidance and resources to support planning and implementation during the first few weeks of school.


Personalization Through Technology

Explore the importance and value of using technology to support and personalize student learning.


Play up Participation

Add additional tools to your toolkit by investigating strategies to increase and organize student participation.


Restorative Justice

Gain a starting understanding of restorative justice so that you can integrate these practices and processed into your planning, instruction, and community.



Social and Emotional Learning

Investigate social and emotional learning.

Try Out Transitions

Explore various ways to handle transitions so that you can move smoothly and effectively between activities in the classroom.



Strengthen Classroom Culture

Learn about strengthening your classroom culture, so that you can make everyday experiences for students in our schools a positive one.

Universal Design for Learning

Explore UDL and put what you learn into practice.


Vocabulary Venture

Examine various approaches to teaching vocabulary to students.

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