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November 9, 2021

Intellectual Engagement: Mind, Heart, Hands-On Learning

Join The Danielson Group and Teaching Channel for the first of three webinars to learn more about how to utilize the DG’s latest resource: Framework for Teaching: Intellectual Engagement to focus on the cognitive, behavioral and emotional aspects of intellectual engagement in the classroom. The guide provides our current thinking, recommendations for reflection and practice, and suggestions for professional learning to create even more intellectually engaging and just learning environments that support student autonomy, a sense of belonging, and success. Our panel of expert educators is ready to help you get the tools you need to support both student engagement by empowering them as learners and solidifying their understanding of their new learning throughout the school year.
As you watch this webinar, consider the following: Which aspect of intellectual engagement do you or your school focus upon the most? Which aspect of knowing and valuing students do you hope to get better at this year?

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