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August 10, 2018

Classroom Organization on Student Anxiety Levels

Do you or your students feel as though you have no where to escape to inside of the classroom? Like there are people everywhere and you can’t get a second to yourself? An unorganized classroom environment can create anxious students. It’s a good thing Keely is here to tell us all about how our classrooms can benefit from having ‘Calm Boxes’ personally designed to match each students’ needs!

Video Transcript

Hi, my name’s Keely from Learners Edge and I would like to share a tip with you that can be used with students who show some struggles with emotional regulation. This is called the box of calm, and it is used when a student needs a break from the classroom.

What we do is we build a box of calm around the student’s preferences, so we always want to look at the five senses when we build the box of calm. For the sense of touch, I have some Play-Doh for the student. For the sense of taste, I have some wild cherry Lifesavers. For the sense of smell, I have some cotton balls that just have some essential oil on them. For sight, we have just a picture of a parent, sometimes that will help a student calm if they’re having a really tough day. And then for the sense of sound, I have a toy that makes a noise back and forth; it also has a tactile function to it as well.So the students usually use the box of calm for about five minutes. We use the visual timer to help them know when they’re done with their box of calm and need to return to the classroom. It is sometimes helpful to have students rate their anxiety level before the box of calm and then after the use of the box of calm, as well.

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