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January 7, 2021

Can We Guess Which Grade Level You Teach? [QUIZ]

The grade level teachers choose reveals so much about them—their personality, values, and strengths. When you really think about it, the age group you work with uncovers the reasons why you became an educator in the first place.

There’s the foundation-setting, future-molding elementary teacher.

Then there’s the resilient but uber empathetic middle school teacher.

And let us not forget the high school teachers who loved their subject so much, they dedicated a large chunk of their lives to teach it.

But, if we’re being candid, there are also some grade-specific curiosities we pick up on through our years in the classroom. Answer our short quiz below, and we bet your answers will tell us the exact grade level you teach.

It’s Thursday night. You’re eating dinner. You pull a mystery item out of your pocket, which turns out to be…

What are your students dishing about at lunchtime?

What are their go-to television shows?

You come home from work with a stain on your clothes. That splotch appears to be…

Can We Guess Which Grade Level You Teach? [Quiz]
You teach elementary school, right?

You teach elementary school

You have a responsibility, a major one. Laying the foundation for a life’s worth of intellectual, personal, and social–emotional growth? That’s a pretty big deal. And based on your answers, we’re pretty sure that’s what you do every day. Cheers!
We’re pretty sure you teach middle school.

We’re pretty sure you teach middle school

The transitional path between elementary and high school is not exactly smooth, is it? It takes a special person to help kids navigate their evolving minds and feelings that grow ever more complex each day. Plus, you’re helping them grow academically as well as emotionally. Nice work, teach!
You teach high school. That’s what we think anyway.

You teach high school

You stand at the gateway to adult life, ushering moody teenagers into a world of opportunity, responsibility, and freedom. In other words, you are a high school teacher. Did we get that right?

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