January 21, 2022

Top 5 EdTech Leaders You Should Follow in 2022

Are you desperately trying to stay on top of tech trends? Do you need help sifting through new research and creating innovative learning experiences for your students? If you’re like me you’ve probably thought about creating a PLN (personal learning network) or maybe you’ve even entered into the Twittersphere. Perhaps you’ve found influencers to follow on Instagram. But who are the best ed tech thought leaders to follow and which social media pages drop great tech bites into your feed? Have no fear! We’ve curated a great list of 5 ed tech leaders to follow in 2022. Get your PD on demand in the comfort of your home by adding this super group:

  1. Amanda Sandoval: An award-winning history teacher, Amanda Sandoval works to transform her classroom with innovative and tech-infused approaches to teaching US History. Whether you’re a secondary teacher or not, the free resources and information often apply across the board! Give her a follow for inspirational and applicable ideas!1.21.Tweet.1

    Follow Amanda Sandoval on Twitter @historysandoval and on her blog- mrssandoval.com

  2. Matt Miller: Tech expert Matt Miller, shares his love for tech enabled learning by doling out “use it tomorrow” classroom resources, step-by-step video explanations, and even hosting free professional learning summits. The Ditch That Textbook page is always my go-to when looking for new tips, tricks and ideas!


    Follow Matt Miller on Twitter @jmattmiller

  3. Esther Park: Follow Ester for a myriad of templates, tech tips and creative inspiration. With her expertise and background in multi-language learning and instructional design, you’re sure to gather some research-based strategies that serve every learner in your diverse classroom.


    Follow Esther Park on Twitter @mrsparkshine and on her site- mrspark.org

  4. Eric Curts: Eric Curts’ website, ControlAltAchieve, is an always reliable source for easy-to-follow, tech integration tutorials. A Google-certified trainer and innovator, Curts knows Google Workspace like no one else. He offers free webinars, project ideas, templates, and activities that you can implement in your classroom tomorrow!

    Follow Eric Curts on YouTube, Twitter @ericcurts, and on his blog- controlaltachieve.com

  5. Catlin Tucker: Catlin is a veteran teacher, author, and all-around blended learning guru. Check her out on Twitter for a constant stream of strategies, resources, links, and templates to help create a more effective and engaged online learning community.


    Follow Dr. Catlin Tucker on Twitter @Catlin_Tucker and on her site- catlintucker.com


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