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May 4, 2021

Summer Learning for All

Guess what, teachers?! Summer is on its way! While we love the sunshine, time away with family, and cat naps in the hammock, this summer is the first of its kind. This summer, it’s more important than ever to ensure students continue to learn and grow while they are away from school, academically, socially, and emotionally. According to a McKinsey and Company article, “…the cumulative learning loss could be substantial, especially in mathematics—with students on average likely to lose five to nine months of learning by the end of this school year. Students of color could be six to 12 months behind, compared with four to eight months for white students.” We know teachers, families, and students did the best they could during this unprecedented time in education, but this summer, we must encourage continued learning in any and all forms for students and teachers alike.  

Have families asked you for educational activities to decrease the likelihood of learning loss? Need some ideas? Do you have your own kiddos and need to entertain them this summer? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES!” check out our downloadable summer learning calendar

This calendar is meant for elementary-aged students, but we’ve included a template as well so you can create your own summer learning calendar customized by grade level, content area, or learning goals. Once you fill in the activities, share the calendar you’ve created with families, students, colleagues, neighbors, extended family, anyone really! We are certain they will thank you.  

So, carry on with your summer-self, and encourage learning through June, July, and August!  

Are you looking to learn this summer? Want to model the importance of education for your students? Check out my top five course recommendations for the summer.  

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