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March 4, 2021

Five Strategies to Add to Your Coaching Toolbox

Whether you’re teaching or coaching, it’s easy to get into a rut. But these five videos are here to help! Clocking in at just five minutes each, these videos will expand your ideas about what coaching can be and push you to try new strategies.

Building Coaching Relationships

How well do you take feedback from strangers? The number one way to make your coaching effective is to build positive relationships with the teachers with whom you work. In this video, observe the relationship coach Joshua Parker has developed with teacher Marquis Colquitt. Because of the time Joshua and Marquis spent getting to know each other, their coaching sessions are comfortable and effective.

Coaching for equity

VIDEO: Building Coaching Relationships

Learning from Feedback

As one Tcher wrote, “I appreciate that this video is from a teacher perspective.” Sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re doing that it’s hard to look at things from the perspective of the teachers with whom we work. In this video, see a teacher reflect on what she learned from working with an instructional coach. Focus on the positive impact you’re having and be inspired by the difference you make.

VIDEO: Teacher Profile: Learning From Feedback

VIDEO: Teacher Profile: Learning From Feedback

Teacher Time-Outs

Not all feedback has to happen outside of the classroom. Watch how teacher time-outs can be used to pause and give in-the-moment feedback on instruction. This strategy not only helps teachers make the most of their instructional time, but also models continual learning for students.

VIDEO: Making Learning Public Through Teacher Time-Outs

Learning Walks

Coaching doesn’t have to just be about the teacher-coach relationship either. Sometimes the best learning relationships are among peers. Watch teachers learn from each other on “Learning Walks.”

VIDEO: The Learning Walk

Coaching for Equity

Coaching can be so much more than a tool to help teachers improve their practice — it can be a way to help all students receive a high-quality education. Watch this video to learn how coaching can be used to foster equity in the classroom.

Coaching for equity

VIDEO: Coaching for Equity

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