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February 21, 2018

Reciprocal Teaching Strategies

Do you have that learner who reads fluently, but is unable to tell you about what they have read? Are you trying to figure out how to help your students make meaning from text? Well, do I have a strategy for you! Reciprocal Teaching!

Reciprocal Teaching was first developed by Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar and Anne L. Brown as a way to help learners bridge the gap between decoding and comprehension skills. This strategy is build on four components to increase specific skills needed to understand what was read. Students are assigned rotating roles. They are: Summarizing, Questioning Generating, Clarifying and Predicting. Summarization gives students the opportunity to paraphrase important information from the text or passage. Question generation reinforces summarizing and pushes the student to dig deeper into the text. Clarifying provides an opportunity for students to identify words or information that is confusing. This could be vocabulary, pronunciation or unfamiliar concepts. This procedure also allows teachers to give students fix up strategies to use. Prediction requires the readers to make an educated guess about what might be coming next in the reading.

It’s straight up awesome, but if you don’t believe me, take a look at our Reciprocal Teaching top ten.

#10-You can use this with your WHOLE class!

#9-It’s great for informational and fictional texts!

#8-Students learn to monitor their own learning.

#7-Responsibility for facilitation of the process shifts from teacher to student who eventually becomes “the teacher.”

#6-Each student is assigned a role allowing ownership in the learning and engagement in the group.

#5-It can be used in content area classes and language arts!

#4-Once the students understand the process, it’s an easy cooperative learning activity.

#3-Reciprocal Teaching covers four strategies-Summarizing, Question Generation, Clarifying and Predicting! WOW!

#2-It’s research based!!

#1-Comprehension levels WILL increase!

Try this heavy hitting instructional strategy and let us know how it goes!

More information including job aides and videos can be found at:

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